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Mike Howell Looks Back On The Old Days

My old drinking buddy Mike Howell is one of a kind. First of all, he stands damn near seven foot tall with a big loud voice and laugh to match his stature. Back when we were younger men, many days, nights, and early mornings were spent at The Pastime Bar(now a Bokman Chevrolet parking lot). Between shooting pool for beers and singing Merle Haggard we hardly got in any fights. When we did, he let me win and laughed the whole time. Mike likes to sit on his front porch, playing songs on his guitar, and thinking about the older days.

“As Spring has shone its moody face this year with warm days and haze. I for one cannot help but see that people in general have changed the way we enjoy the outdoors.

Growing up I could see Main Street packed with orange and red coated hunters during deer season. Many kids got the first day of deer season off school. The cars and trucks had the aftermath of the hunt tied on hoods of cars and sometimes on the roof, the racks hung off to one side to display the trophy .

You could smell the maple syrup as it boiled throughout the county and families took part after great anticipation. Leek diggers, several older guys that met at the Pastime bar early for coffee. We would take our beer and head to the hills; Some staggered, some laughed but they stalked the woods like they where looking and finding gold.

I wonder if I am the only one who misses these days? I practically have to bribe my 12 year old son to hit the backwoods trail with me ! ”

Connect with Mike on Facebook anytime to talk about the good ole days!!!

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