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By Lacey Gardner

The Murder of Nick Burdge: Family Insists on Courtroom Access. Murderers Sentenced Today by Judge Thomas Brown


Robert Roach, uncle of Nick Burdge, has provided statements as follows:

The Family of Nick Burdge, sadly killed in Wellsville in 2020, is gathered at the Allegany County Courthouse to bear witness to the sentencing of his murders.

9:30am “Today is the sentencing of 3 defendants on Nick’s Case. 1 defendant is accepting a plea at 2. 2 persons(defendents) that the ADA gave pleas to were supposed to be sentenced today as well but won’t be, so they can be witnesses if need be if the last 2(remaining defendants) go to trial. Then they will be sentenced after a trial or ADA hands out more plea bargains. I’ll keep you posted.”

10am “Sitting her in the hallway waiting to go in to court and they tell me that none of us were going to be able to go into the court room to represent my family. I got stern in my speech and voice and 8 sheriffs later the judge agrees to allow me into the court room and represent my nephews memory. Can you believe their thinking that no one can be in there but the defendants and their family and want us to have the Victim advocate read our statement ?

12Noon “Haxton’s lawyer tried to plea bargain more and ADA Finn had no objection but Judge Brown said no way and gave him 10 years with 5 years post. Cooper was sentenced to 16 years with 4 post. Brown(Jacob T., defendant) got 3 years probation. “

” He(Judge Brown) gave us all court room access”

6pm ” Hearing for Poehmel is 4-21-21 @10:30, they accepted a plea bargain from him and I believe that is 8 to 10. Breaks our  hearts to sit in the court room today and listen to the Judge tell Haxton how it’s a shame that he took Nick’s life and had no regard for life and he took Nick’s life cause Nick called them a bully because they were wearing gang colors. Nick had red on and they killed him for telling them they were bullies. It took the judge to tell the reasoning. “

We thank Mr. Roach for providing his dispatches from what must have been a horrible day.

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