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By Lacey Gardner

Who Can Pharmacies Vaccinate?


The Allegany County Department of Health provides information during a confusing time. They also noted under current guidance, the Health Department along with Jones Memorial Hospital and Cuba Memorial Hospital can vaccinate anyone who is eligible. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR AN APPOINTMENT. PLEASE VISIT THIS WEBSITE TO GET ON CURRENT WAITING LIST

Pharmacy rules are a little different, this explains who they are able to vaccinate:

  • Age 60 and over population
  • P-12 school (public or non-public) or school district faculty or staff (includes all teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, school administrators, paraprofessional staff, and support staff including bus drivers)
  • Contractor working in a P-12 school or school district
    (including contracted bus drivers)
  • Licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt group
  • In-person college faculty and essential in-person staff
  • Employees or Support Staff of licensed, registered, approved
    or legally exempt group Childcare Setting
  • Licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt group
    Childcare Provider
    *Cuba Memorial Hospital will call residents on the Allegany County waiting list when there are appointments available.
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