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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! Remembering Tim Walsh, Irish American Icon


Wellsville and Andover have long been real party towns on this international day recognizing all things Irish, mostly the food and the beer. I can personally take credit for instigating some of this celebration and excess during my days at Better Days Pub. Unlike most of our cultural holidays, St. Pat’s seems to provide a license to have too much fun. Whatever you call it, shenanigan’s, malarkey, ‘downing the black’….. No one did it better and enjoyed it more than Tim Walsh.

Tim might not have been born in Ireland but you’d never know it. He could speak with a ‘brogue’ at the drop of a hat and could sing every word of McNamara’s Band. When you enjoyed this holiday with Tim Walsh, it really seemed like being in some small town in County Cork.

Sadly Tim passed away suddenly late last year, but you can be sure his Irish spirit is alive in Wellsville today. If you are going out for a pint or a whiskey today, have one extra for Tim Walsh. Nothing made that man happier than the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day, from the singing to the glass raising to the shedding a tear to “Danny Boy” later in the day.

Corned Beef and Cabbage All Day
Guinness Ribeye
Reuben Sandwiches
Sullivan’s Irish Ale

Here is what Main Street Wellsville has going on today:

$4 Guinness
$8 Jameson Irish Mules
.Corned Beef Dumplings, served with braised cabbage & bacon
Corned Beef Raviolis, dijon cream sauce

Better Days Sports Bar will open at 5pm!

A great read on the real story of the Irish immigrant.

A big thanks to our Irish sponsors today

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