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One Week in the News Bag


There is no way to sugarcoat it, the first week of operating this enterprise was pretty sweet. The real icing on the cake has been the individual readers who have reached out to say hello or tell me about an error in need of edit. I’m kind of new at this, but when a reader takes the time to send a message with the sole intent of improving my effort, that is worth more than gold. So thanks to all those who took that time, for whatever reason.

Week one we had over 75,000 page views

During the first week we were able to publish dozens of “pressers”, daily original content, and we had some great submissions. Maybe the best of all, and also solid gold, are the contributions so far from Michael T.. We all know this site is the child of his Wellsville Regional News, born when he had to step away. We hope he will become more involved with our site and his efforts to provide proper political reporting.

The week of 3/8/21 you can look forward to the second installation of “Wellsville’s Finest” which is maple syrup themed while the sap is running!!! We will have reports from several local political meetings of consequence. The first addition of “Weekly Wondering from The Golden Crone”, an abstract broadcast that is literally sent from the headwater of the Genesee River.

Thanks everyone! Don’t be shy about sending me ideas or demands or best of all, critique!! Just a matter of time before Garwood showed up!!!

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