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We had a great tour of the new headquarters of Genesee Valley Media on Main Street Wellsville. Nick Davis has expanded his business into a really cool building, 94 North Main, above the previous Trend Addictions location.

Nick is leasing the whole second floor of the building which is really a ‘throwback’ space. It seems like a dozen or more rooms, side stairwells, and a massive back deck. From inside the building, you could be in a Brooklyn loft, almost able to touch the red brick building next door out the window.

Inside the building there is a lot going on. I could have missed a room somewhere but Nick has several studios for audio and video recording. He showed me rooms that will be open studios for area photography sessions and spaces dedicated to digital editing. A room to connect remotely for important meetings or interviews.

It’s really a playground for the digitally inclined and plans for providing equipment for those to use on premise are in the works. Perhaps you are a musician who wants a place to record a video for self promotion? Photographers without a studio can use this space as an incubator to do business prior to expansion. If any of this strikes a cord, you should contact Nick to hear more about what his company and this new space can provide.

Check out this recording session that has been widely shared and acclaimed by a young lady from Wellsville!!

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