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Springer Spaniel Sunset by Jenna Keefer

Iconic Wellsville Vista


Local photographer Bill Baker submitted these great shots from the place known by several monikers. North Hill, Buck Hill Farm, and Bud hill are some of the most common. Its a great look up the Genesee Valley toward Scio, especially at the beginning and the end of the day.

Of course many of us enjoyed this spot in our younger years at what we used to call “Hill Parties”. To escape the village police and parents, Wellsville teenagers would coordinate during the school day and all meet in the same spot later that night. No text messaging required!

These gatherings ranged from twenty to hundreds of revelers, throwing themselves a party that would never float in today’s world. Occasionally the state troopers would raid the groups and kids would go running in all directions. Rarely an arrest but usually they “confiscated” the booze and put out the bonfires. There were some really big bonfires !

Heck, sometimes we even regrouped and all found a way to meet up at “Space Mountain” or “The Pines” later that night. I’m sure many of you have a related memory, visit our Facebook page and share your story!!

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