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New York State Police Trooper named 2024 Trooper of the Year


American Association of State Troopers awards NYSP Trooper Richard W. Albert

From the NYS Police,

The American Association of State Troopers is nationally recognizing Trooper Richard W. Albert of the New York State Police as its 2024 Trooper of the Year. Trooper Albert exhibited bravery and courage while serving the citizens of the state of New York. His courageous actions prevented any further threat to the public without concern for his own safety.

The heroic incident occurred on June 16, 2023, as Trooper Albert was making a driver-side approach on a traffic stop of a recklessly speeding vehicle at 112 miles per hour. As Trooper Albert was approaching, he immediately came under fire and was struck by a 9mm round in the left shoulder. Without hesitation, he reacted tactically and instinctively, just as he had been trained, retreating to cover while returning fire. From a position of cover at the rear of his patrol car, he notified the State Police Communications Section for assistance and calmly and clearly made numerous radio transmissions keeping responding troopers updated. Although wounded and still receiving fire, he remained engaged with the suspect and continued to return fire.

The suspect, who was the passenger, and the operator attempted to flee the scene but a passing tractor-trailer driver who witnessed the shooting heroically turned his tractor-trailer into the path of the fleeing suspect vehicle, successfully disabling it. The suspect and driver again attempted to flee by carjacking a disabled pick-up truck at gunpoint. Utilizing the terrain of the grassy median as cover, Trooper Albert continued his pursuit of the suspects, all the while exchanging gunfire and conducting magazine exchanges. He remained engaged until the shooter had no choice but to flee into the wood line.

After an agonizing long twelve minutes, the first back up began to arrive. Once numerous law enforcement officers were on the scene and Trooper Albert was secured, the driver was taken into custody, and Trooper Albert was transported to the hospital. A search for the shooter was initiated by responding troopers, who located him deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot.

This incident showcased Trooper Albert’s bravery under extreme circumstances. Despite being under almost continuous gunfire, he remained engaged and committed to ensuring the public’s safety. Trooper Albert’s heroic actions reflect the highest ideals of courage and are in keeping with the finest traditions of the New York State Police. 

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