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By Lacey Gardner

Wellsville Central School District Vote Results: Gilfert, Mattison, Haggerty to join board


2024-25 budget approved, three new board members

By Andrew Harris

Wellsville Central School voters came out in large numbers today with a real rare event: long lines at the polls! The results are in and we will have more from the winning candidates coming up this week!!

Dr. Robert Gilfert was elected with wide support, Jason Mattison and Trish Haggerty edged out incumbent Heather Gill in a very tight race.

May 21, 2024 Vote Results


Trish Haggerty                         213 Votes

Heather Gill                             212 Votes

Jason Mattison                         215 Votes

Trent Robbins                         76 Votes

Ronald “Keith” Loines            154 Votes

William Benz                           125 Votes

Jill Vossler                               101 Votes

Bryan Gamache                       199 Votes

Shane Vogel                             156 Votes

Jenise Cicirello                         160 Votes

James Wixson                          119 Votes

Timothy Dannheim                 40 Votes

Robert Gilfert                          289 Votes

Proposition 1:  Budget             PASSED (494 Yes,  193 No)

Proposition 2:  Buses               PASSED (524 Yes, 165 No)

Proposition 3:  Library             PASSED (488 Yes, 198 No)

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