Andover, Whitesville School Welcome New Athletics Merger


Andover and Whitesville, NY – August 11, 2021 – Following Board of Education approval from both Andover Central School and Whitesville Central School, officials announce the recent combining of all high school athletic programs between the two districts.

The decision came after a year of successful combining of select sports teams due to lack of participation numbers. The full partnership, heading into the 2021-2022 school year, will begin with all fall sports. 

Andover Central School Principal, Jon Morris, said that he is pleased with the support of both school communities and Boards of Education. “Over the past weeks, conversations have been extremely positive,” he said. “It seems that everyone can see the benefit to all students, and all parties are working hard to make the merge as seamless as possible.”

Whitesville Central School Superintendent, Tammy Emery, said that she is pleased with the new partnership and has been extremely impressed with the student athletes. “These types of situations are not always easy, but I have seen such positivity and dedication from athletes and coaches in both communities,” she said. “They are excited about new sports options and the strength that can come from joining together.” 

As part of the new athletic program, students from both districts will be provided transportation to all practices and contests that will be held in equal proportion in each community.

Coaching appointments will be made by committee recommendation, which are subject to Board approval and will include personnel from both districts.

Emery said that she is focused on communication as both districts move ahead in the process. “We know there will be some learning as we navigate things like sports banquets, athletic honors, and school celebrations, like Homecoming, but we are committed to being transparent in the process and making choices that will be most fulfilling for students.”

The partnership has been approved by Section V.

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