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The Town of Alma has undergone numerous changes, some anticipated and others unforeseen


A letter from Town Supervisor Joshua Pye,

Planned initiatives include the implementation of realistic and enforceable policies and procedures that adhere to New York State and Federal Laws. Efforts are underway to create a searchable database of town bylaws, allowing residents to easily access information regarding the town’s policies, resolutions, and local laws. Additionally, we are engaging the community in projects that affect the town through collaboration with The Town of Alma Community Development Organization (TACDO). The town’s website is being updated to include downloadable documents for residents to complete before visiting the Town Clerk’s office.

An audit of the town’s financial records, though not initially anticipated, has been deemed necessary to ensure the proper accounting of taxpayer funds. To clarify, there is no suspicion of intentional wrongdoing or malfeasance. However, the use of three different bookkeeping methods over as many years has led to multiple questions.

Unexpected changes have also occurred through a series of resignations. The sudden departure of Town Supervisor Steve Dickerson in March left us, and the community, stunned and searching for answers. This was followed by the resignations of the Court Clerk, Town Justice, and, most recently, the Town Clerk. These departures were not only unforeseen but also left significant gaps in our governance. While the positions are replaceable, the unique individuals and their contributions are not. We extend our gratitude to each of them for their dedication to the town and wish them well in their future endeavors.

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