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Alfred Police warn of local scams after complaints


Learn about three common scams you should watch for

The Alfred Police Department have received several fraud/scam complaints in the last few weeks. The complaints are that someone via phone or e mail are soliciting money for various reasons. The three most common scams currently running are as follows.

  • Someone will contact the victim, impersonate a Police agency and convince the victim that they need to send bail money as a close relative has been arrested.
  • Somone will contact the victim with some personal information claiming to be a federal agency and claim that their information has been hacked and needs money to fix it.
  • The last scam that is active, is that someone will contact the victim and make threats to use personal information against them unless they send them some money.

These scams are not target specific, as people of all ages are becoming victims.  Please consult with local law enforcement if you have any questions or concerns and be aware that this is becoming more prevalent in our area. The Alfred Police Department is currently working with State and Federal authorities to try and stop this trend. 

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