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Allegany County to purchase Wellsville property for new Community Services location


55 Chamberlin was the former ESI Employee Assistance Program Inc

By Andrew Harris

The pandemic emptied out office spaces all over the globe, and many have never returned, including Wellsville’s ESI office. With a corporate decision to become a virtual office, their 55 Chamberlin location was no longer needed and put up for sale.

Faced with an almost constant need for more space for county offices, Allegany County legislators have approved a resolution for purchase of the property for $270,000. The property has been listed on the real estate market for $349,000.

Prior to the vote, Legislator Jan Burdick noted that this purchase was vital for the Community Services program. Apparently the current location at 45 North Broad Street in Wellsville is in poor condition and as Burdick commented, “should probably have been condemed.”

Community Services, according to is :

“A resource that provide medical and/or supportive services for people with disabilities.”

The county legislators voted to approve the measure with Wellsville based legislator Gary Barnes electing to abstain, “out of self-preservation.”

That statement may be alluding to the disagreement that Wellsville Village Mayor Randy Shayler has with the purchase by the county. Shayler has been very outspoken over the transaction and the loss of tax revenue for the village. The purchase would render the property government owned and be removed from the tax roles.

Board Chairman W. Brooke Harris took a different perspective on the matter, pointing out that the village of Wellsville is both the county’s largest population and the largest beneficiary of the Community Services program lead by Dr. Robert Anderson.

The other District 4 legislators, Majority Leader Steven Havey and James Rumfelt both voted to approve the purchase of 55 Chamberlin.

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