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Mix up, mash up shows coming to Drumroll Stage and Sushi in Geneseo


Imagine this: Grateful Dead meets Notorious B.I.G, Radiohead mixes with Phish

By Andrew Harris, photo by Wil McKenna from recent performance at Drumroll

Folks, this is cultural innovation in real time ! Geneseo hasn’t been the same since Drumroll opened the doors to a mashup of music and food. Before we get into what brand new concepts are coming to the stage in February, what the heck is a mashup ?

Mashup: When two great things, which are quite different, are combined to make a whole new thing, which is equally awesome. Like a top notch live music venue and a sushi bar in a college town !!

Yes Drumroll Stage and Sushi is a mash up, and they are doubling down on the mix and match with two performances this month.

This first is this Friday February 16 and it will be a super fun mashup, psychadelic rock and hip hop! If you love the “Dead,” or the “Notorious B.I.G,” or both… get tickets to “Grateful for Biggie” soon!


Check the band out on Facebook

Saturday February 24 the Drumroll stage will present another mashup mindbender, “Weird Phishes.” This band presents the tasty mix of Phish and Radiohead, both sonic icons. Save $10 on presale tickets


“Weird Phishes” on Facebook

Hey have you seen the DrumRoll Podcast interview with Max Flansburg, multi-instrument hero who is very proud of his main project, “Dirty Blanket,” a popular Finger Lakes region band. Check that out below and don’t miss the big weekend in April for the band’s album release party at Drumroll!

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