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Eric Jones does it again with Josh Allen and Buffalo Bills’ sculptures; fans want Taylor Swift to see them


Local artist Eric Jones has been all over the news, from local to Sports Illustrated and ESPN for his snow sculptures of the Buffalo Bills.

Working with Shane Prouty of the iconic Bills Mafia House, Jones was able to build a giant Josh Allen coming our of a Kansas City helmet in anticipation of today’s big NFL playoff game for the Buffalo Bills.

Last week, Allen, the Bills’ quarterback, ran for a long touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers and flexed. During the Kansas City game, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II broke his helmet. Jones’ sculpture is a combination of both happenings in one.

Pop music celebrity Taylor Swift is expected to land in Buffalo at 4 p.m. and attend the game. On twitter, @buffalofreddy (Dan Fredrick) is at the Mafia House and asking Taylor Swift to come over for a dance off.

There are other fans posting photos and videos as well. Jones did several sculptures this weekend,at the Mafia House, at Canalside in Buffalo and in Bradford, Pa.

Jones said if the Bills win, he will spend all week making sculptures at businesses to help bring customers to their stores and to pose for photos. If the Bills lose, he has “thank you, Bills” ideas, but right now he said he’s focusing on the win.

“I can’t thank the Mafia House and the fans enough for their support this weekend,” Jones said. “I was working five hours at one location, driving to the next, then coming back for touch-ups and paint. It was all worth it.”

Jones is actually going to Brockport today for more work, from caricatures to sculptures with ice, sand, snow and pumpkins. The Food Network champion said he’s excited for a Bills win and to keep making fun sculptures inspired by the fans.

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