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Local farms should carefully document wind damage


Potential disaster funding depends on good documentation

From Steuben County, Contact directory below

Our region experienced strong winds and tough weather from this week’s storm. We’re also getting ready for another storm expected this weekend

Farms are encouraged to DOCUMENT AND SHARE any impacts the weather may have had on their home or business. This could include structure damage, crop loss, inventory loss due to power outages, damage to equipment or fencing, and more.

If your farm experienced any sort of damage, please reach out to any of the folks listed below (or all of them). The more impact information that is collected, the greater the likelihood of a disaster declaration which can bring vital emergency support and awareness.

Reporting Weather Related Impacts (For your home or farm business)

First, ensure that all the people and animals on your farm are safe, and that there aren’t any unsafe working conditions created because of the weather (check your structures!). If there’s an emergency, call 911 – don’t try to manage it all on your own.

Second, document all negative weather impacts for your farm and their estimated financial cost. Take photos, make estimates, and put it all in a safe place.

Reach out to your insurance providers – farm, vehicle, crop, etc. to initiate the claim process as needed.

Then, share your farm’s damage with any (or all) of the ag support agencies listed below. We all work together to collect storm damage information and funnel it up to Ag and Markets which can initiate a natural disaster declaration.

Your local Cornell Cooperative Extension Association Office.

Allegany: 585-268-7644

Steuben: 607-664-2301

Any of our SWNYDLFC Team members (calls/emails/texts/site visit requests all ok)

Katelyn Walley: 716-640-0522

Amy Barkley: 716-640-0844

Camila Lage: 607-422-6788

Katelyn Miller: 716-640-2047

Kelly Bourne: 585-268-7644 ext. 10

Your county USDA/FSA service center.

Allegany: 585-268-5133

Steuben: 607-776-7398

Your county Farm Bureau manager

Region 1: Tim Bigham: 716-474-6585

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