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Selling Real Estate in 2024?  NY Landquest stands apart 


The real estate market is poised for success next year, list with a proven winner

By Andrew Harris

Every New Year, a large percentage of real estate owners ask themselves, “Is it time to sell?”  At the same time, every single potential real estate buyer ask themselves, “Is this the year to buy?” 

NY Landquest has been studying, and succeeding in the New York State real estate market since 2008 because of their aggressive marketing strategies and knowledge of the real estate they are offering.

By every indication, 2024 is going to be a big sellers market.  Property values remain strong, home inventories remain low, and the Federal Reserve indicates that interest rates will continue to fall in the coming year.  The stars are lining up if you are considering selling in 2024.

Don’t make that decision lightly.  Too many sellers enlist family, friends, or try the “For Sale by Owner” approach.  

Selling a house should be a “data-driven” decision meant to optomize your sale and hiring the right real estate professional is important.  If you live in Allegany or Steuben County, the data points to NY Landquest: They sell 100% more real estate than any other agency in Allegany County and have the expert team in place to continue that trend.  Listing with NY Landquest gives your real estate sale the best foot forward into the 2024 market.  

NY Landquest agents hold the #1 sales position in Allegany County, and the #2 in Steuben County!!  Let NY Landquest use their success to sell your real estate for the best price with the best service.  

NY Landquest is well established all over upstate New York and growing in every upstate market, from Albany to Erie County.  Agents all across NY are using the same ethos and approach that lead to the success across the Southern Tier. The recipe is based on customer service, experience, and leveraging technology to help your real estate stand out in the market.  Currently NY Landquest has go-getter real estate agents all over upstate New York.  Visit to find an agent near you.

Don’t jump into the 2024 real estate market without touching base with NY Landquest.  Most real estate sales are key lifetime transactions, a one-time shot at a successful divestment.  All real estate sales involve major assets and deserve proper representation by proven professionals. 

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