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A miracle in the form of ‘thank you’ as victim of brutal gang assault makes progress in hospital


Alfred State student Derek Correa who was assaulted by four people walking from downtown in Alfred to his dorm on the Alfred State campus made incredible progress this week.

While in the hospital, doctors were hoping for a sign to move him to another hospital that specializes in neurological recovery.

Derek was able to attempt to hug family members, but doctors were looking for a sign. Derek reached for a pen and wrote “thank you” on yellow lined paper. That proved he has tremendous increase in his brain usage and as a result, he is going to another hospital for the next level of care.

That news was welcomed by the Alfred State community and the college president who sent this out:

From Steven Mauro, President of Alfred State College,

I want to send an update on student Derek Correa as we near the end of our semester.  Derek continues to heal and make progress.  Within this week, Derek has made strides to include nodding yes or no to questions, given some hugs, and has written something: “thank you.” Derek is moving to a specialized medical center that focuses on his treatment needs.  This progress and incredibly positive update is among the best gifts our campus can receive this holiday season.  There is still a long road ahead and you can find more about Derek’s path to recovery on the family’s GoFundMe page here.  

As you spend time this holiday season with family or friends, please remember Derek and his family as they focus on the most important things of all. 

Video update from Alfred State’s student-run Bandwagon account:
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