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Sinclair: Hope Springs Eternal


“Hope is a reality rather than a feeling”

by Frederick Sinclair

Alexander Pope coined the phrase “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”. In his 1732 work, “An Essay on Man”, he extols a divine order in the world and our human duty to nurture the good that exists.  A lofty stance to assume when facing modern day, seemingly insurmountable,  conundrums of war, racism, totalitarian regimes, disease, pollution, energy crisis, climate change, etc. etc. Although in different form, these earthly challenges have been with mankind throughout the ages.  Myriad spiritual teachings focus on Hope as powerful intention, fueling a forward momentum, woven into the very fabric of creation. Where intention goes, energy flows. Hope, endures,  especially during difficult circumstances and is always accessible. Hope is evidenced in the sustained beauty and majesty of creation.

We need to remind ourselves that we can always access and apply it without fail.  

As we look at recent events through the lens of Hope, a new perspective on the landscape comes into focus.  The wars in Gaza and the Ukraine are once again revealing the inhuman brutality of killing and destruction as a means of conquest, the unleashing of racial hatred and an insane suicidal flirting with the danger of nuclear destruction.  Applied hope and reverence for the sanctity of creation, and life itself, could indeed bring humanity out of the dark evils of war, greed and ignorance, once and for all. It must, however, begin with you and I, knowing and committing to the task of making this happen by inviting that hope into our hearts with the intention of healing the soul of humanity.

Hope is a reality rather than a feeling, grooming and growing character in ways that lead to greater understanding and knowing. Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character, and character hope.

We need to share hope freely and always be prepared to give an answer to those who seek a reason to adopt hope. “Share your hope with others in loving ways that motivate them to listen. Do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter3:15) Never give up or abandon hope it is a force of nature awaiting your call.

Remember the mantra; Hope Springs Eternal !

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