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Alfred State plants over 130 trees and shrubs on campus


Students help plant new grasses in the retention pond near the front entrance of campus. The college has planted over 130 new trees and shrubs on campus.

From Alfred State College,

This fall the Alfred State College (ASC) campus became even more lush and green with more than 130 new trees and shrubs in corridors with enhanced landscaping. The new additions to campus are part of a major construction project that is replacing all the underground infrastructure and establishing wider roads and sidewalks for an even more inviting and scenic appearance.

Crews began the process by clearing the way for work both above and below ground. Some trees that were damaged or in the way of underground utilities were removed at the project’s start. New trees and shrubs were strategically placed away from plowing and snow storage areas and distanced from utility paths. The design also avoided making any driver or pedestrian blind spots and enhanced the great views on campus.

The college maintains its scenic beauty by always replacing each misplaced tree and this fall’s landscaping greatly increased ASC’s green space and plantings. The college’s commitment to trees absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces energy used in the community, encourages exercise and outdoor exploration, and has mental health benefits for students, faculty, and staff to be in such a strikingly beautiful setting.

“44 new trees are near the college’s main entrance as a new retention pond that aids water runoff is now transformed with a new park surrounding it,” said Director of Facilities Jon Nickerson. “The rest of the trees and shrubs are concentrated on Lower College Drive. They are all native species ranging from oaks to maples. Next summer, as construction moves along Upper College Drive, more trees will be added to complete this greenway that is adjacent to Alfred State’s main loop road.”

Agriculture students and student senate representatives also wanted to assist in the massive landscaping project. They helped professional crews to dig, plant, and create a park to enjoy near the college’s entrance at Pine Street.

Photos of their contributions are in an Alfred State Flickr Album and seen on an ASC YouTube video.

Agribusiness management major Andrea Lanphier was one of the volunteers who helped and has witnessed all the post-COVID investment by Alfred State. “When I got here there was little to no construction at all. Now I am in my third year, and we have got a lot more going on. It can be a little frustrating getting around but if you see the entrance of campus and how we have got our new road and all these trees it seems like the result is going to be worth it. It is going to be a more beautiful and easier campus to maneuver around.”

“It makes me feel good to see a change in how the campus operates. I personally am really into the community aspect of agriculture so seeing that change and kind of trying to make campus a better place for everybody makes me feel very happy.”

The loop road project is part of approximately $100 million dollars of construction improvements underway on campus.

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