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Wiser’s Wramblings-Wrambling and Writing Into Poetry


By Chuck Wiser, I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

“Words by Wiser” or “Wiser Words” were the first titles used by me, and which eventually rambled on turning into Wiser’s Wramblings. My fascination with our language coupled with my “smart-ass” sense of humor makes my writing pleasing and interesting to some and mundane and boring to others. Not only do I thirst for knowledge and look up or research words that interest or intrigue me, but I also make up my own as I go along.

What triggered this column initially was a curiosity of the suffix’s commonly used, and what is the base meaning of those. I used one such in that sentence. “…osity.” With that or slight variations like “ocity” or “osis” you can come up with several words that use that suffix. So, what does it mean?

Mixing several definitions and explanations from various sources, including my “intuitivosity,” those particular suffixes can: change an adjective into a noun or an adverb into a verb. My example “curiosity” changes the word curious from an adjective to a noun. Adding a different suffix like “…ly” changes to “curiously” making it an adverb.

It doesn’t always work, and thus my own word creations like “intuitosity” have not yet found their way into any Fun-kin Webster Dictionary. The word that started this entire thought changed the word “stupid,” a self-diagnosis, into “stupidosity,” making it a noun. I cannot even be a  PRO-noun but must remain an amateur.

Take a second to shake your head and I will continue, a little less frivolously onward. Frivolosity is just an additional character trait of mine.

Staying with the use of words theme, using words in an organized rhyming pattern makes them into Poems. If you are inclined to do just that, or enjoy listening to others that do, do that, Friday evening, November 3rd at Grace United Church on North Main Street in Wellsville, is where you want to be at 7:00 PM. As part of their Gracefull Arts series, the church will host Graceful Phrases, which is a poetry contest open to the public, either as a participant or interested viewer. If you would like to participate with an original poem, or three, your attendance at 6:30 PM to facilitate scheduling, is requested.

Is it annoying to anyone else to see TV or Newspaper articles on a particular person or pair of persons that just continue without end? I am sick and tired of articles that discuss Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce or Shania Twain, or even the Republicans ridiculous herding of House Speaker candidates. The Republican Party, which doesn’t seem like much of a “party” to anyone, is crumbling within itself. I used to be a registered Republican, as was my mother and probably her mother before her, but I gave up any party affiliation several voting cycles ago. There are many people who vote for “party affiliation” candidates and policies regardless of how they actually feel about either. I believe in another species they would be called Lemmings. Lawlessness of a particular office holder doesn’t bother them in the least…apparently.

Should you happen to become a victim of the Covid virus, despite most precautions, as happened to a small group of unwary individuals that I associate with, you may have lasting symptoms that could stick with you for a very long time. Unfortunately for some, perhaps for a lifetime. I lost the ability to taste or smell anything, and, in particular, food. Every day when I start my day, I hope that I can taste what now only seems to be hot water, as the pleasing aroma and taste of coffee, has abandoned me. The only taste sensations available to me at the present are sweetness and saltiness. No taste what-so-ever beyond that. I am told by those close to me that I have “no taste” anyway.

Auto correct-Auto defect, never fails to advise me that using descriptive phrases like “anything in particular,” makes for bad reading. I have been told that I abuse the privilege of using quote marks, but if I put “anything in particular” in quote marks that is acceptable to the “gods of grammar.” Additionally, it has been brought to my attention that any time the word God is used it should be capitalized. I take exception to that admonition, and here’s why. I use and refer to anything “God like” with reverence and appropriate respect. On the other hand, when I use the term in a non-reverent manner such as in an adjective or adverbial phrase then I do not feel it is respectful to use the capitalized form of the word. “god-awful” would, I suppose, be an expression that is anti-sacred or pedestrian.

And, that brings up a word that was used many decades ago, and at that time its use drove me to my dictionary/thesaurus to see if I was being criticized or insulted. A former boss at one time, Noel Hazzard, most likely trying to make me a better person used two different word phrases regarding my personality or characteristics. On one occasion he told me that my actions were pedestrian. I wasn’t absolutely sure what he meant so my research revealed that he was saying that my actions, or words, were “dull, lacking inspiration, or excitement.” In legal terms a pedestrian is anyone “on foot or traveling in a wheelchair or mobility device to help overcome a disability.”

The second conversational comment Mr. Hazzard used was when he told me that “you will never be a deep thinker.” For some reason that statement bothered me then as I pondered its meaning, and bothers me to this day. I guess in a way, perhaps it would explain why my initial reaction to any comment, conversation or event might elicit a “flip response” given off the top of my head. I don’t recall having been that way in conversations with him, as he was my boss, but who knows. That which was said or done in the 60’s should remain in the 60’s. Thankfully, I am now in my 70’s.  

Words that bring Wiser Wonder.

– If told you aught, or ought, to do something that gives it a zero possibility. Aught also means “zero.”

– If you have a “bark” you’re either a dog or a tree.

– If you go to a desert you may desert those left behind.

– If you drop something it may cause a drop if it’s a liquid, but in your travels, you may drop by.

– If I discount you, I could save you money or just disregard you.

– If you send an email to, I may very well answer or acknowledge you.

A few weeks ago, while sitting in my usual pew at Grace United Church, the sun was brightly shining in my eyes, nearly blinding me so I had to turn my head, shading my eyes. The thought ran through me that it might be the Son’s rays shining down on me. I carried that thought around for weeks and so I penned the poem which follows. I share it here as I cannot use it in the Gracefull Arts Poetry contest as verbally you cannot distinguish between Son and sun. Spiritually yes, but audibly no. I leave you with: “Son Light.

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