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By Lacey Gardner

Wellsville world-premiere of movie shot at Pink House Nov. 2 at library; Pink House owner will attend



For many people around the country Jay Woelful is known as one of the top horror film producers in the world. The award-winning producer has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and even has a locally-produced film, Ghost Lake, which took place at Rushford Lake and was a hit in the United States and 26 countries.

On the IMBD website (the Bible for films), Woelfel has directed 20 films, has 26 credits as an editor and 37 as a composer.

But in Wellsville, he is known as the owner of the Pink House, along with his wife, Kristy.

On Thursday, Nov. 2 at 7 p.m., Twisted Lit will have its Wellsville world premiere, as the 75-minute, anthology film features the inside of the Pink House.

The film will be shown at the Nancy Howe Auditorium, which has an entrance in the back of the David A. Howe Library. Woelfel will be at the screening to answer questions and introduce the films.

Catherine Enke

There is another local tie as well. Wellsville native Catherine Enke is an actress in one of the films.

Twisted Lit: A Short Film Festival Hosted by Jay Woelful is a 75 minute anthology film, 3 short films adapted from classic short fiction along with 3 documentary films about each of the authors and the original short story.

The stories are, HE! by Guy De Maupassant, A Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka, and The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Each is a story about obsession. Filmmakers Jay Woelfel and John Strysik combine their separate award winning films into a mini film festival celebrating classic twisted Literature.

Strysik and Woelfel both have had long careers as writers and directors in Hollywood, these are shorter personal works from their own favorite fiction writers.

Jay Woelfel’s family built Wellsville’s Pink House, and he shot the birthmark at, and inside, the famous home. This film allows a rare glimpse of its interior.

And once again, the Woelfel’s have the Pink House lit up, decorated and ready for families on Halloween for trick-or-treating.

Photo gallery courtesy of the film directors:

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