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By Craig Braack

Monday Wellsville school vote on athletic pavilion explained


Foster: “We have invested in athletics in Wellsville and we have teams we can be proud of”

By JOHN ANDERSON, pictured is proposed new pavilion

Residents in the Wellsville Central School District will vote on a $1.1 million proposition Monday that would help complete a pavilion at the track and soccer/football field project approved by voters in 2022.

From the time of the approved $2.1 million vote, the project being approved by the state education department  and bids going out, prices went up and so did the costs when bids went out.

The pavilion would replace the current structure which was not designed to take on the functions of the new pavilion.

Wellsville Central School Superintendent Dave Foster explained, “We said, ‘let’s do another bid with a spring time frame, get approved with contractors and a better bidding environment.’ But again, the bids came in over budget, but were $145,000 less. Still, it was more than what is budgeted. We have an opportunity to lock these prices in, so that is why we are having the vote Monday for the $1.1 million.”

The decision for the new vote was made in early September and posted with legal notices and stories in the media. 

The pavilion will have accessible bathrooms for the public using the track, a concession area, announcing facility, team room and team storage.

“Since the project’s approval, our dedicated team has worked diligently to make this vision a reality. Through careful planning and collaboration with architects, contractors, and other professionals, we have made significant progress toward the project’s competition.” Foster said.

Voters have also previously approved a plan, which will start in the spring, to upgrade the turf and track at the sports complex and upgrades to the tennis courts. There will also be re-lined courts for four pickleball courts. The tennis courts have an option for the public to turn the lights on to play at night until 9 p.m.

The public uses the track as well for walking, running and exercise on the field.

“We have invested in athletics in Wellsville and we have teams we can be proud of and I think we should be proud of our facilities,” Foster said. “I appreciate the efforts to get that current tower up, but it’s reached the end of its useful life. We need a restroom facility, a better concession stand, but a shelter for the kids (lightning and inclement weather).”

The vote will be held from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Wellsville Secondary School (middle-high school) cafeteria at 126 West State Street.

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