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By Lacey Gardner

Buffalo Bills royalty in Cuba NY to see local hero Gabby Kranock


Darryl Talley hits up Genesee Pizzeria for football while fundraising

By Andrew Harris

The legend of Gabby Kranock is now in the books:

While hanging out with friends one summer afternoon in a front yard in Portville NY a drunk driver drove off the road and into her group friends. Kayden Joseph Belleisle, 19, of Olean was killed. Gabby was seriously injured, losing almost all mobility.

The legend starts there. Gabby has been fighting to survive and get back to living life, a much different life. That fight has caught the attention of other Buffalo Bills, including Jordan Poyer.

Bills hero Darryl Talley was in Cuba not long ago in support. Talley signed autographs, hats, shirts, gave fistbumps. Pics from his stop in Cuba:

Talley and the crew from the Genesee Pizzeria
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