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Andover Central School Principal marvels at response to tragic accident


Molly Turner in awe as she watched the community mobilize for a disaster

By Molly Turner, Principal of Andover Central School, photo by Stephen Walker

I’m not going to lie, today in Principal land was…abnormally busy ( I blame the Harvest Moon). At the end of the day, I had to make an announcement over the loudspeaker to clear the back field so that a medical helicopter could land to aid a patient.

I stood shooing folks away so the professionals could do their jobs. I watched as people within our building active in the Fire Department sprung into action.

I stood helplessly as they worked on the patient. To know that teachers, substitute teachers, staff, former students, and enrolled students dropped what they were doing to throw themselves into a very serious situation was something to behold. I’m thankful for the mutiple hats our community members wear to help at a moments whim.

I’m grateful to be in the presence of such a compassionate and service minded community. Thank you to those that go above and beyond to protect and save lives everyday, your service does not go unnoticed. ❤️ My thoughts are with so many.

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