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By Lacey Gardner

Wellsville Elementary opening day was hectic, tips for an easier Wednesday


While Verizon continues working on repairing our phone lines, please use 585-596-7099 to contact the district with any urgent matters.

School superintendent David Foster explains issues and offers solutions for families

Drivers: Use the Rauber Street – > Williams Avenue route

By Andrew Harris

Let’s be honest, Wellsville Elementary School opening day is always a hectic and stressful event, especially at arrival and dismissal. This year the first day of school was a little more stressful due to some logistics that will need some improvements.

Aside from the typical transportation issues that happen at the start of every school year, Wellsville Elementary changed the arrival and dismissal process. That change was pretty simple on paper: School buses use the front parking lot, parents who pickup kids use the back parking lot this year.

This changed the traffic flow as families were instructed to use the Williams Street entrance, cars started to back up on 417 east. At one point vehicles, busses, and tractor trailers were backed up to Route 19/Main Street. The reason is simple: NYS repainted the traffic pattern on Route 417/Dyke Street last week which reduced it to a two lane road. That created a major bottle neck.

School superintendent David Foster offers one easy way to alleviate that traffic jam. Foster recommends that families use a different route, taking Rauber Street then turning left onto Williams Avenue.

Foster also recognized that families were frustrated by the dismissal process today. He and his team will be focused on expediting the process tomorrow and a continued effort to improve dismissal from the Elementary School. The entire team thanks parents and families for the patience.

The school district also had an other unexpected issue to complicate opening day: The phone system went down and as of this publishing, still is down. The school can not receive any incoming calls and asks that anyone who needs to contact the school use the emails provided below. Verizon is working on the problem but Foster wasn’t sure when it would be resolved.

Verizon is experiencing a phone issue that does not allow Wellsville Schools to receive calls from outside the district. If you need to communicate with: Transportation, Brigette Knight at Elementary, Sara Santas at Secondary, Melissa Gough

The first day of school is in the books and after talking with Mr. Foster, families can expect that tomorrow should be much easier. That said it won’t be any cooler with forecasts calling for a heat index near 100F.

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