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Life in the Finger Lakes: Thirsty Owl Winery: Where Fun and Flavor Meet by the Lake


Labor Day delight on Cayuga Lake

By Jim Moore, Chief Finger Lakes Enthusiast

Ovid, New York — Tucked along the scenic shores of Cayuga Lake, Thirsty Owl Winery is more than just a winery — it’s a vibrant hub of flavors and good times. From arriving via boat to discovering their flavorful red wines, a visit to Thirsty Owl Winery promises an experience that’s both delightful and delicious.

Our adventure began over Labor Day weekend with a unique twist: arriving at the winery by boat.  The friends we were staying with on the lake provided the transportation. The dock by Cayuga Lake welcomed us, setting the stage for a great visit. A quick ride in a four-seater side-by-side from the dock (which was provided by the winery) to the tasting room added a dash of fun to the trip.

Bob, our server, was a real gem. With a twinkle in his eye, he served not just wine but also a generous dose of knowledge and laughter. To our surprise, he sipped along with us, making the tasting feel like a casual chat with an old friend.

Now, about the wines. Thirsty Owl Winery knows how to create a good time in a glass. As an enjoyer of red wines, the selections that Bob provided were notably good.. Each sip carried the essence of a bold red wine that is sometimes lacking in Finger Lakes, with full bodied flavors that set a bar for the region’s winemakers..

We enjoyed our tasting on a breezy veranda at the back of the winery, offering up a stunning view of Cayuga Lake and the vineyards. With each wine, we not only got a taste of their skill but also a view that left us enchanted. 

One thing that stood out was the friendly vibe of everyone we encountered on the winery staff. Despite the hustle and bustle of the Labor Day weekend, everyone at Thirsty Owl Winery wore a smile. Their dedication to making our visit fun and enjoyable was crystal clear.

Thirsty Owl Wine Company boasts sprawling vineyards spanning 150 acres along the western shore of Cayuga Lake. It’s a place where they take their winemaking seriously, with a touch of Finger Lakes charm. And as I mentioned, you can even arrive in style via boat, with a 14-slip dock ready to welcome you. If a scenic ride is more your thing, they’ve got that covered too.

Thirsty Owl Winery isn’t solely focused on wine; it’s all about crafting lasting memories. Whether we arrived by boat or took a leisurely stroll, the winery made sure our departure was with grins stretching from ear to ear.

Thirsty Owl can be found at: 6861 Route 89 Ovid, New York 14521, or on the web at:

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