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By John Tucker

Rochester “proud boy” gets a decade in federal prison for his role in January 6 riot


Dominic Pezzola was the first to physically break into the US Capitol, read the FBI file

By Andrew Harris, picture from the US Department of Justice

The extreme right wing group, “The Proud Boys,” called him “Spazzolini.” A US Federal judge called him the “tip of the spear,” before sending him to a decade in federal prison.

Pezzola was accused of a litany of crimes, after charges of seditious conspiracy were dropped. The Rochester man was the first to literally smash into the US Capitol with a riot shield that he stole from a Capitol Police Officer. That act allowed many others to enter the federal building where they looted, burned, defecated, and defaced the property of the United State government.

Pezzola is now one of over 600 convicted of charges in relation to the January 6 riots with over 1100 charged.

Read the reporting by Rochesters WHAM Channel 13 and the FBI affidavit used to prosecute Pezzola:

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