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By Lacey Gardner

Allegany County Chairman Endorses Ian Jones for District Attorney


From W. Brooke Harris, Chairman of the Allegany County Legislators,

To the Citizens of Allegany County:

I’m honored to have the privilege of endorsing Ian Jones of Angelica for Allegany County District Attorney. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Mr. Jones in his capacity of 1st Assistant, and it is clear to me that he carries the qualifications, work ethic, and temperament to be our County’s lead prosecutor.

District Attorneys in New York State are facing extraordinary challenges related to bail reform and the broadening of discovery requirements. Mr. Jones has demonstrated an ability to navigate these difficult obstacles with skill and poise, all while advocating strongly for the victims of crime and for the safety and security of the People.

From a legislative perspective, I’m appreciative of Mr. Jones’ strong relationship with our Board. He is open, communicative, and always willing to educate on issues related to the functions and performance of the District Attorney’s Office. He’s very cognizant of the financial challenges facing county governments, and has repeatedly shown an interest in collaborating with the Board to make his office run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I appreciate this opportunity to endorse Mr. Jones, and I look forward to continuing to support him in the important work of representing the People of Allegany County.


W. Brooke Harris, Chairman Allegany County Legislature

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