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Burch endorses Ian Jones for Allegany County District Attorney


Read endorsement letter from Cuba Police Chief Dustin Burch, pictured

To the citizens of Allegany County,

As part of the law enforcement community in Allegany County, I am proud to announce my support and endorsement of Ian Jones for Allegany County District Attorney. I recognize the leadership qualities of Ian Jones and his ability to effectively address the critical issues that face the citizens of Allegany County in the years ahead.

As Allegany County’s first line of defense against crime, I know how essential it is to have a District Attorney who values and understands the work of law enforcement officers. Ian Jones has a proven record of working with law enforcement to ensure that criminals receive the justice they deserve. He understands the need to build positive relationships within the law enforcement community, and how that translates into effective public safety. I recognize the importance of having a District Attorney who promotes the safety and welfare of the citizens of Allegany County. The position of District Attorney is commonly referred to as “the people’s lawyer”; and for good cause. The District Attorney plays a key role in enforcing the law and protecting our communities. Ian has proven to be a tenacious advocate and a leading voice for everyday people.

Ian served for several years as a prosecutor at the Allegany County District Attorney’s Office. Ian is an aggressive prosecutor and a strong advocate for the safety and security of the people of Allegany County. As a battle-tested prosecutor, he has established himself as a person of uncommon passion and integrity. His expedience, passion, and integrity are precisely what Allegany County needs in a District Attorney.

Dustin Burch, Cuba NY

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