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Pine Street Bridge, Sidewalk, Court Clerk, Crown Castle

From Supervisor Dan Acton

Several interesting topics came before the board at their monthly meeting beginning with a presentation by Tom Windus, County Superintendent of Public Works. Mr. Windus spoke of plans to replace Pine Street Bridge which is at the traffic light in the village. This bridge is owned by the town and typically the county and town split the cost of bridges in the ratio of 85% county, 15% town. Replacement was proposed prior to 2018 at which time the town was informed that since the county had secured funding for the entire cost of construction the town would not incur any cost to replace the bridge. Accordingly, the town made no reserves for this project during the ensuing years.

At the meeting Mr. Windus explained that construction costs were coming in above the original estimate; now construction cost was estimated at $3.641 million. The town’s share of the unfunded cost would be $120,00. The board explained that, for the reason stated above, we did not have that money available. He indicated that the county was reviewing the plans and seeking additional funding sources. They will get back to us.

Next on the agenda was Jim Basile of Clark, Patterson, Lee Engineers who presented the visual plans for the proposed sidewalk that would start at the Dollar General and extend on that side of State Route 244 up to Sugar Hill Road, where it would cross to the opposite side of the road and continue to meet up with the sidewalk at ServU. As he presented the visuals, which are available at the Town website, he noted the benefit of increased safety to pedestrians by getting them up on a sidewalk as well as providing pedestrian activated traffic lights at the crosswalks. Also, traffic speed would be reduced and storm water runoff would be improved.

A lively discussion took place during which the board indicated they would need more information about the energy cost of streetlights and the adequacy of funding to cover construction. They also expressed the need to determine how we would deal with snow removal for the existing sidewalks in Alfred Station if we moved forward with this project. A petition was brought forward which had the signatures of six property owners opposed to the project. Your supervisor noted in a prior meeting that more than half of the sixteen property owners where the sidewalk would run favor the project.

Following these topics, the board turned its attention to hiring a new clerk for the town court as a consequence of receiving a letter of resignation from long-time clerk Teresa Jaycox. On the recommendation of judges Sandra Cameron and Dr. Wende Bush the board approved the appointment of Brittany Driesbach to a six-month term.

In addition to routine business the board reviewed the SEQR Part 2 as it pertains to the cell tower changes proposed by Crown Castle. After some discussion, the board established a public hearing prior to next month’s meeting after which it would be in a position to make a determination of significance on the project.

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