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Binghamton University features Hornell native Chloe Van Caeseele’s journey on the “Frankmobile”


Keeping up with the Hornell Class of 2019 Valedictorian on the road


A 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels, Oscar Mayer’s “Frankmobile” (formerly known as the “Wienermobile”) makes its way around the United States each year for countless fans. The iconic vehicle is operated by an annual class of “Frankfurters,” a group of about a dozen people hired to operate and display the vehicle at various stops around the country.

Binghamton alum Chloe Van Caeseele ’23 is part of the current class of Frankfurters, and has been traveling city to city for months with the vehicle. Her work was even featured on CBS News in July.

What’s life like as a Frankfurter? Here’s what she had to say.


Read our reporting on Chole’s summer project last month:

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