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By Douglas Sciorra

Traveling with a Disability: No Easy Task


Sports writer talks about the challenges of a weekend to Hershey PA

By Vincent Martinelli, photo of the “V-Ry Mobile”

This upcoming weekend I will be taking a trip to Hershey Park with one of my helpers. This will be my first road trip in two years, and the logistics are overwhelming. The planning for a trip like this is extensive, as is the packing.

For starters, my ride is a specialty  wheelchair accessible SUV that hogs gas like nobody’s business. In my vehicle I have a power inverter which allows me to plugin my ventilator. Not only do I have a large power wheelchair that I have to bring, but I also have an equally large lift which is used for transfers.

In addition to my ventilator, I also have to bring a cough assist and suction machine, in order to clear my lung secretions. In addition. I need to bring toileting devices and replacement supplies for all of my machines. I also need to locate the closest hospital in case of an emergency.

At the hotel I had to ensure that I had an accessible room and that my lift will fit under the bed. Once we get there, we need to unpack and set up all of my machines. I plan to chronicle my journey on the Accessible Wellsville Facebook page.

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