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By Lacey Gardner

Opinion: The BIG BANG didn’t just happen…It still is !


Watch “Black Hole” by quantum physicist Nasim Harrimein

by Frederick Sinclair

Let’s take this moment to scale the biggest tree we can find in order to gain a tree top perspective on the forest.  Humanity does not exist on the earth, but within it.

Although the protective atmosphere enveloping the earth extends out several hundred miles, the Karmin line, at 62 miles up, is commonly considered the end of the earth and beginning of space. This awareness of being more than 300,000 feet inside of this 7,900 mile wide spaceship, is an essential awareness in understanding that what, we do, or fail to do directly impacts all essential connections of this self sustaining life support system. Our vessel rotates on its axis at more than 1,000 miles per hour (mph) while orbiting the sun at 69,000 mph and as a member of our solar system which orbits our galactic (Milky Way) center at a half million mph, which takes 230 million years to make one complete galactic rotation.

There is consensus among conventional, astro and quantum physicists that the observable universe is continuously expanding, the rate of which, is accelerating. The old theory of an explosive source (Big Bang) eventually running out of steam is failing, in light of the latest observations of radio and space based telescopes. Quantum physicist Nasim Harrimein has revealed amazing calculations depicting  a connected universe and world view where space is not a void, but rather full of an energy density, which is for all intents and purposes an infinite source, driving reality. Check out the “Black Whole” by Nasim Harrimein

As we descend the tree, branch by branch , we experience the changing views and perspectives on creation; its’ beauty, majesty, power and apparent paradoxes of duality which project the distorted illusion of separation. As we set foot on solid ground, however, we now realize we are riding inside our vehicle, the earth, at mind blowing speeds across an endless divine creation driven by infinite power. The new awareness is one of endless possibilities and that of an expanding and accelerating evolution of creation which can and will support solutions to apparently insurmountable challenges. The true source  (the “BANG”) was, is and always will be. The sheer scale and power of creation, as seen from the tree tops, indicates that mankinds’ destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

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