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Allegany County Clerk of the Board Receives Recognition


Legislators recognized Clerk of the Board Brenda Rigby Riehle last week for her 31 years of service to the County

From Allegany County, pictured is Riehle with former county Chairman Curt Crandall

Riehle is a lifelong resident of Allegany County and a graduate of Scio Central School, Alfred State College, and Houghton University. She began work for the County in 1992 as an Account Clerk Typist within the Department of Health. In 1994, she joined the office of the Clerk of the Board as a Senior Account Clerk Typist and was first appointed as Clerk of the Board in 1998.

During her tenure, Mrs. Riehle has served with six Board Chairmen: John W. Walchli, Jr., Edgar Sherman, James G. Palmer, Curtis W. Crandall, Philip G. Stockin, and W. Brooke Harris.

Attending the presentation was former Board Chairman Curt Crandall, who lauded Mrs. Riehle’s accomplishments and noted her reputation for “integrity, quality of work, and attention to detail.” Regarding the over 7,000 Board resolutions that she has managed during her career, Crandall stated, “The ones that have been the most important and have had the biggest impact on Allegany County were the reappointments of Brenda Rigby Riehle as Clerk of the Board.”

Immediate Past Chair Philip Stockin recognized Brenda for her patience and encouragement, and added, “We had many good and valuable conversations. Many of those were structured around our shared faith, and that was very helpful to me. Thank you, Brenda.”

Current Board Chairman Brooke Harris thanked Mrs. Riehle for her efforts outside of her regular duties, including leadership in the Inter-County Association of Western New York, representation with the New York State Association of Counties Standing Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs, and as past president and continuing member of the New York State Association of Clerks of Legislative Boards.

Brenda with a very proud family and local dignitaries

In response to the resolution, Mrs. Riehle thanked the assembled group and shared, “I am truly humbled, but I want to say that any success is because of the people behind me: great family, supportive family and friends, and great coworkers. I’ve also had wonderful boards and chairmen to work with, so any success that I’ve had is because of all the support behind me. Thank you all.”

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