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Important Balloon Rally information


From the Greater Wellsville Balloon Rally Committee

We’ve had several inquires, so let me answer the most commonly asked

– Launches are scheduled to take place at 6 PM FRIDAY, 6 AM and 6 PM SATURDAY, and 6 AM SUNDAY.

– We cannot fly unless the conditions are right, so please be patient if balloons do not go up RIGHT on schedule. We will make every effort to fly, even if that means flying late, but ultimately we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Just because we say a launch time is at 6 am, doesn’t mean we will be inflationg at 6 am. We have to check weather conditions to make sure conditions are perfect for flying. Safety is ALWAYS our #1 priority!

– We will post updates on FB, IG, and TWITTER. As soon as we have an update, they will be posted.

– Ride prices are set by the balloon pilots, but range from $200-$275.

– DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS TO THE RALLY!!!!!!!!! We say this every year, but every year we see people with their dogs, (and cats!), so it’s worth repeating. We love our 4 legged friends as much as you do, but it is too crowded, and it always happens that someone accidentally steps on a dog, and it’s a big deal. Not to mention, it’s usually very hot, and if it’s hot for you, imagine how your dog under all their fur feels. We appreciate you, but the rally is NOT pet friendly.

– Aftrerglow will be Friday at dusk, Fireworks will be Saturday at Dusk.

– There is very limited handicap parking at the park. Once that is full, there is No more parking in the park. Please use shuttle buses at Northern lights Plaza on the east side of Wellsville or the Tops plaza on the west side of Wellsville.

Thank you so much, we can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

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