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Poor air quality from wildfire smoke has returned to Western New York


Today’s Air Quality Index is already unhealthy and could get worse

By Andrew Harris, photo by Amanda Sue Cornelius

The return of “small particle matter” in the air caused by massive Canadian wildfires isn’t good news. Those with respiratory issues are advised to avoid outdoor activities today and even otherwise healthy individuals may realize difficulting breathing.

As this map from shows, a massive cloud of smoke has covered much of the United States. The blue dot represents the Wellsville area, showing an even thicker band of smoke just to our west.

For those who are especially sensitive to the effects of the smoke it maybe time to break out that old Covid-19 mask. Experts advise that a cloth mask can be helpful but for best results keeping the small particle matter out of your lungs use a N-95 surgical mask.

Below is another map depicting the levels of danger and some advise from

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