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By Craig Braack

Southern Tier Catholic Schools wants parents to know they have options


Archbishop Walsh Academy: Your Child’s Success is our Priority

“Join Us, Our Doors are Open!”

From Southern Tier Catholic Schools,

We are strengthening our focus on academic rigor, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and encouraging our students to reach their full potential. By challenging them to think critically and engage in thought-provoking discussions, we empower them to excel academically and prepare for a future of success.

Discipline lies at the core of our educational philosophy. We believe that a structured and disciplined environment fosters a love for learning, cultivates respect, and nurtures personal growth. 

Our dedication to individualized instruction ensures that every student receives the personalized attention they deserve. Our highly motivated and dedicated teachers tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of each student, unlocking their true potential.

STCS realizes that especially for parents in areas outside of Olean, transportation options are critical.  We are currently reviewing our student population and transportation options to support their different locales. More updates on this are to follow.

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