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Chuck talks Chuck, scanner chatter, Runnings v Tractor Supply analysis

By Chuck Wiser, I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

The promise, or threat, depending on your perspective, of the Deer Run feature to publish in today’s Wrambling’s will have to hold off a little. The main theme of my writings will focus on the adventures of our families, but I wanted to set the stage with a little history first. I stopped by the campground today, had a nice chat with the owners, was given the tour, and have decided to postpone things to do justice to the feature. When the engine won’t start on time, the rest of the train gets delayed as well.

I had several “clean up” items from previously postponed topics so will do just that and then pick back up on the Deer Run feature when I can do it justice. The initial response and feedback from my “teaser” last week have been heartwarming and inspirational.

In the past I have mentioned my nearly lifelong readership of the Olean Times Herald (OTH), probably to the dismay of my “editor(s)” of the Wellsville Sun, wherein I write this. Over the years I have read the works of many, going back to the likes of Abdo-Davies, Gil Stinger, and Chuck Ward, and some known on a more personal level such as Rick Schwab and Sue Goetschius. Two more recent Sports writers garnered my attention, especially as they have, or had, specialized somewhat on the sports activities of the St. BonaventureBonnies” and the Buffalo Bills. I would anxiously await a post-game newspaper delivery to read the columns of Chuck Pollock and even more recently J.P. Butler.

Their “after the fact, play by play” and recounting of the games adds an intangible perspective to the game and gives background and substance from the players and coaches standpoint. Even having watched a game as televised, or as with the Bonnies, in person, you miss a lot. Reading their re-caps in black and white is like reading a book as opposed to watching a movie or TV show based on the same story or book. 

It will be my distinct pleasure and humbled honor to be able to admire the work of Chuck Pollock more closely, as he has joined the staff of the Wellsville Sun as a senior sports columnist. I will continue to read and learn from you.

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Recent scanner chatter: One conversation between dispatch and responder following a call to the infamous Irons Road, geographically isolated between Amity, Friendship and Scio, queried where Lot #4 was. I may have heard it incorrectly, but I think the response was: “Your guess is as good as mine.” The 2nd call was for a 5-year-old juvenile threatening a parent. The details left intentionally vague, but disturbing and not vague at all in my mind having heard it. And yet another call came in, this one from a motorist on Vandermark Road between Scio and Alfred (Cty. Rte. 12) stating that they had hit something in the road, but they weren’t sure if it was a deer or a turkey.

Small trucks and big feet can be dangerous. I must use extreme care when applying the brake on my small Nissan pick-up truck as the sneaker on my size 13-foot overlaps both the brake and gas pedal if I don’t cleanly lift the foot off the gas and place it on the brake. Gets a little scary when you pull up to the side of a building and apply both at the same time.

Speaking of shoe sizes, apparently men’s sock manufacturers don’t seem to think much about that. As you read on, if you wear a shoe size larger than a 10 or so, you might be able to relate to this. If you wear a size 12 or over, you can very much relate to it. The majority of socks sold today are packaged as “6-12.” Who, in their right mind, would think that it would be acceptable to those on the upper limit of the Size 6 to 12 range to have such a large span? A more logical available range used by some manufacturers is “9-12,” and that is marginally better if you wear a 13 or 14. It is possible, by searching diligently, to find the larger size foot range sock in the “10-13” range and given modern clothing materials this is acceptable being more comfortable, and wearable. Despite my size 13-14 foot, the 13-15 oversized sock can pretty much be used as a legging or knee sock.   

Wasn’t it special that we got another whiff of the Canadian wildfires again. Makes me wonder how vulnerable we are, or could be, especially considering that Chinese Balloon drifting into our airspace recently. I realize that the wildfires cover a lot of territory but what if…? You can imagine and draw your own conclusion of a nightmarish potential situation.

I have had several challenges in recent days that tested me on following my own advice. I’m glad I had a talk with my self and said “self…, don’t respond or act out toward that idiot that cut you off when passing and immediately pulled back in front of you, or the two people standing in the middle of the store aisle just carrying on a conversation oblivious to all around them.” Included on that list I mentioned last week would be having patience with employees of a newly opened store. Running’s in Wellsville, recently opened, is staffed with many new employees. If not new to “customer service”, at least they are new to that store. Give them time. They will learn.

Shopping “tidbit” learned (or remembered) given that store opening and opportunity. If you compare prices for similar items sold by both Runnings and Tractor Supply (TS) and the Runnings price is lower, then TS will price match. Not sure if it works the other way around. Note: I wouldn’t recommend running (pun noticed) back and forth between the stores multiple times to test it if it happens more than one once. I did that inadvertently once between two Wellsville stores, neither one of which is still in business. I had attempted to make a purchase of an item at one store, but they did not have the size of the model that I wanted in the store so when they offered to order it I told them to go ahead and order it. Later that day I found the same item in another store but they had it in stock at a slightly lower price so I told them I would take it. I went back to the first store to have them cancel the order giving them the reason and they said they would give me an even better, significantly better deal, for a more expensive model that they did have in stock, so I took it, then took the other one back to the other store.  

Previously using the word “oblivious” above reminded me of another word I thought I had made up this morning. I muttered the word “Frivial” in a conversation with my wife and realized I had combined two words making what I thought was a new one. As I started to comment on that as I write this just now, I thought I’d better check the “Google gods” to verify my new word. Surely enough there was the word in the “Urban Dictionary” stating that it meant “not only trivial but also frivolous.” Shucks! All the good words are already taken or made up. I do think that I, or at least some of my Wramblings, do personify that word in its complete context.

Random thought the other day that perhaps pedestrians should be licensed to walk and must use turn signals. Almost nipped one as they were walking along the sidewalk and suddenly veered out into the cross walk without signaling the other day. No, they weren’t standing there waiting to cross, they approached at right angles. 

Migratory birds continue to entertain us, and their feeding of fledglings is going on at a frenetic pace. Moments of concern do set in as the fledglings, not used to our building layout, occasionally fly into our window glass or screened Sunroom doors. For the most part they shake it off and manage to fly away. It’s kind of humorous watching a hummingbird try to extract itself from the screen. We haven’t seen any Downy or Hairy Woodpeckers since the migratory birds came to our feeders back in May, but then again, we did take down the Suet Cakes to try and discourage the Red Bellied Woodpeckers. That didn’t slow them down a bit as they would eat everything and anything we put out.

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