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Genesee Valley Central School Twenty-Seventh Commencement Ceremony


from Genesee Valley Central School

Genesee Valley Central School (GVCS) hosted its twenty-seventh commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 24, honoring the accomplishments of thirty-seven graduates.

The ceremony was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and academic excellence of the graduating class.

Among them, Lealah Greene, daughter of David and Jackie Greene, earned the title of Valedictorian, graduating with a cumulative grade point average of 98.32. In her valedictory address, Greene emphasized the importance of learning from the examples set by the caring and dedicated teachers at GVCS. She remarked, “The real lessons aren’t found on a whiteboard or in a PowerPoint. They are the ones that we learn by example of the teachers that we look up to and care about. All of the lessons that we have learned at Genesee Valley share one common theme: the importance of caring for and helping others.”

Adison Grusendorf, daughter of Holly and Shawn Grusendorf, achieved the honor of Salutatorian for the Class of 2023, earning a cumulative grade point average of 97.92. In her heartfelt speech, Grusendorf expressed deep gratitude towards her teachers for challenging her to tackle difficult subjects and tasks. She also extended a special appreciation to her four older siblings, who played an integral role in her high school journey. Grusendorf fondly acknowledged their support, stating, “because of them, I had someone to make proud, someone to always annoy, and most importantly, someone to have my back throughout high school and on into the future.”

Diplomas were presented to each graduate by Board of Education Member Heath Gordon, High School Principal Sara Donlon, and Superintendent Dr. Brian Schmitt.

The class of 2023 showcased a diverse range of post-graduation plans. Fifty-eight percent of the graduates have chosen to pursue higher education, with 25% attending two-year colleges and 33% enrolling in four-year colleges. Additionally, forty percent of the graduates have decided to embark directly on their professional careers, while one student has made the commitment to join the military. These choices reflect the unique aspirations and ambitions of the graduating class, highlighting their determination to make a positive impact in the world.

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