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Transformation by Lynch Paving, see the slideshow


Check out this recent blacktop and concrete job by the Wellsville-based professional crew

By Andrew Harris

Driving on new paved surface is truly a universal joy, it just feels good. The smoothness, the lack of bumps or potholes is a simple pleasure that gives all drivers the same good feeling. When you leave freshly paved road or driveway for less maintained travel routes, driving just gets harder. When you know a road, or parking lot is a mess, you avoid traveling or parking.

Lynch Paving recently did a combination blacktop and concrete driveway in Wellsville and the only word for it is SMOOTH! Check out this slideshow of before and after the job was finished. The owners of the property are thrilled with the work and how much more enjoyable it is to pull into the driveway.

Do you have a home or business with a rough, bumpy, buckling, cracked driveway or parking lot ? Dream big this summer and make one of the most important property improvements a reality. Call the crew at Lynch Paving to stop by and provide a free estimate today. or 585 593 4647

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