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By Lacey Gardner

Generous Gift from Dr. Zahi and Rayana Kassas Good for Staff & Babies


Dr. Zahi Kassas discusses the advantages of the new Panda Warmer with Kari Zwiefka, Director of Surgical Services; and Amanda Green, Director of Maternal Health

From Jones Memorial Hospital,

Wellsville, NY (June 14, 2023) – When a newborn needs care in the operating room a radiant warmer, resuscitation equipment, a scale, and monitors for tracking the baby’s vitals must all be close at hand.  While this has required several separate pieces of equipment go with the expecting mother to the OR, the new GE Panda Warmer – a recent gift from Dr. Zahi and Rayana Kassas – integrates all of this in one efficient and user-friendly piece of equipment.

The Panda Warmer is a state of the art, all-in-one neonatal radiant warmer/resuscitator equipped with a pulse oximeter, oxygen blender, monitoring gauges, suction and an integrated scale. This new equipment is a complement to the modern changes taking place in the OR as a result of the Transformation and Modernization project now going on at Jones. 

“The Panda warmer assists the staff in getting emergent cases from OB to the OR faster with less equipment to take downstairs,” explained Amanda Green, BSN, Director of Maternal Health, noting that there are approximately 140 C-Section deliveries a year and that the warmer will be used for each one. “Once the renovations to the OR are complete, the warmer will be housed in a dedicated space in one of the OR rooms, which will allow the Panda to be connected to a permanent oxygen source rather than a tank.”

Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Kassas, for your generosity and caring.

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