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By Lacey Gardner

It’s official: Canisteo-Greenwood Chargers


The wait is over, student vote decides new school mascot

By Andrew Harris

The big news is out, a chapter in Canisteo-Greenwood history has closed, and the Chargers will undoubtably be a force in the classroom and in the field.

The process took eight potential new mascots and recently narrowed the field to two finalist: The Red Dragons or the Chargers. The later will be the “brand” of this great school and community for many years to come.

Our poll had about five hundred voters participate and reached the same conclusion as the student body did, but only by one vote.

Due to the sudden influx of international readers(due to the now historic Hornell High School baseball game,) the voting had some global precense. A few people from the United Kingdom cast a vote, Australia voted, so did Norway, Sweden, Japan, and France!!

Congrats to the entire “C-G” community on wrapping up this chapter and charging into the future!!

The NY Landquest team are big fans!!!
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