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Brew Witches of Allegany County Donate to the HART Comfort House


VIDEO: See the Brew Witches in action in Island Park

From the BWAC, pictured with Hart House Executive Scott Swift

The Brew Witches of Allegany County made a surprise visit to the HART Comfort House to make a donation of $500. Here is a little back story:

Once upon a time, well before the great plague of 2020, a few wandering crones* decided to set off on a journey to discover and sample brew offerings of the IPA, Lager and Hopps libations. This all happened on the Eve of Halloween. This traveling group was greeted with “You just missed the Witches!”, everywhere they went! Try as they might over the next few years, they were destined to never meet the coven of witches from the land of not-that-far-away (Steuben County).

They soon realized that they were needlessly chasing magic that they had within themselves all along. Alas! The moon, stars and planets aligned during the 2023 Autumn Equinox and a small group of want-to-be crones quickly grew to a brood of over 20 seeking wisdom, compassion, humor, courage, and vitality.

Their “magic” became a vessel of transformation for themselves as well as a vehicle that could bring a smile or a laugh to all they encountered during their shenanigans. Whether it was during one of their 20 surprise appearances during the Witching Season or their appearance in the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Christmas Parade the witches found fellowship.

During the past Witching Season, they collected “dues” and danced their way to raise $500 to donate to the Hart Comfort House. Their wish is that they brought fun, laugher, and joy to all!

* Crone: a woman who has wisdom, compassion, humor, courage, and vitality

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