Wellsville’s Fassett Greenspace on Main Street is ready for a beautiful and bountiful season


The greenspace is open to the public and will begin growing food soon

By Andrew Harris

Full disclosure, I am the manager of the Fassett Greenspace and have been involved in the project since day one.

The spring daffodils are in bloom, tulips are popping up, and the gardens on Main Street Wellsville are ready to grow!! Now in our fourth season of planting and growing where the famous Fassett Hotel once stood, the greenspace is already blooming.

Each year the space becomes more interesting and more diverse. Designed by founder Cassandra Bull, the greenspace features labrinth style raised beds that allow visitors to stroll between flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The labrinth is handicap accessible and anyone may take some time to visit and “smell the flowers,” just please don’t pick them!!!!

Soon, vegetables will begin appearing, ranging from leafy greens, to snap peas, to cherry tomotoes. At the right time of the season, you will also find peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, and summer squash. In the center of the garden is a bronze water fountain, sculpted by the late-great William Underhill. That water feature is encirlced with many different fresh herbs. The French tarragon and garlic chives are ready for harvest already!!

The best thing about this garden is that all the fruit, vegetables, and herbs are intended to be a community asset: anyone may gently and respectfully harvest from our gardens at no cost, membership, or appointment. The space is open every day from daybreak until dark. No loitering, littering, alcohol, or illegal drugs are permitted. Because of prior issues with scoundrels and vagrants these simple rules will be strictly enforced this season.

The Fassett Greenspace is a great place to bring your kids to explore, learn, and play music! Yes the greenspace has a full set of amazing outdoor instruments that are easy and fun to play. Check out the Little Free Library and don’t forget to check for sidewalk chalk!!

Art for Rural America, is a Wellsville based non-profit which oversees the Fassett Greenspace. As a 501c3 non-profit, your financial contributions are tax deductiable. We are always looking for support to improve and plan for the future.

Volunteers are also welcome and we strongly encourage local schools to get invovled with helping out. Since the start, we have been lucky to have students helping us out and learning in the process. If you are interested in volunteering or bringing a class to visit, our contact information is below.

The Fassett Greenspace also is open for community events. We have hosted several rallies, special events, and guest speakers. If you are looking for a great outdoor space to bring a group together, consider the greenspace. We do not charge a fee for using the space but prior registration is required.



Call or text Andrew Harris anytime, 585 610 5258

Email our founder and President Cassandra Bull: ArtForRuralAmerica@gmail.com

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