Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall Of Fame Announces: TRYOUTS


BELFAST NY – You can’t just show up, you MUST register! Questions can be answered by Nate Shook. This happens Day 2 of the Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame Weekend right here in Knuckle Town USA!!!

Town is so small we don’t even have a traffic light…but we got history…132 years ago the Great John L Sullivan trained here for the 75 rounder he won against Jake Kilrain in the fight Sports Illustrated recently called “The Outlaw Brawl That Started It All”.

Come tour Sullivan’s Original training barns, handle his equipment, run his 1889 trails!!! Work out in Apollo Creed’s ring from Rocky 2….yes, we own it!!! See the diamond-studded Police Gazette Boxing Corporation belts locked up in the massive 1903 walk-in vault…join us for brunch and awards and more! Meet the star fighters of BKFC!!!!

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