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I’m sorry Bills Fans


Despite the optimism, the season ends with a disappointing loss

By Andrew Harris

The cycle continues: The Buffalo Bills succeed in whipping fans into a frenzy like very few professional sports teams can. The team gets close enough to taste a national championship but the Super Bowl trophy is yanked away in a cold and callous manner.

Many of us just don’t care about the game, but we can feel and understand your pain. As my daughter said when she heard the Bills had lost the game: “Oh my teacher is going to be so upset tomorrow!”

Mrs. Brubaker isn’t alone today. A cold snowy Monday morning after a Bills loss has the air of a funeral for a beloved citizen. Not to be coy, but it almost seems like flags should be lowered and some sort of candlelight vigil would be appropriate.

This year may sting a little worse considering the emotional rollercoaster that Bills fans secretly enjoy was exceptionally intense this year. The near-death experience of Damar Hamlin brought together Bills fans in a way that has rarely been witnessed. For the most part, Bills fans have been breathlessly watching both on and off-field drama since Hamlin suffered the on-air heart attack.

Now that Bills fans have exhaled a collective sign of defeat, the cycle is already starting again.

The Damar Hamlin “Bills Love” image and replication is being shared all over Western New York. Talk of the upcoming draft is already replacing grumbles about missed opportunities and fumbles from the defeat. Bills fans, resiliant as ever woke up thinking “How could we have lost?” and before breakfast is over die-hard fans are muttering “This puts the Bills in perfect position for next season…”

Of course, the speculations and excitment over Damar Hamlin’s recovery will be a big deal during the off-season. Will Hamlin be ready to play in late 2023 ? I suspect fans are even shopping for tickets to the season opening game in order to be part of that exciting return.

Go Bills !!

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