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 “We sometimes take for granted the quaintness and quiet charm of our neck of the woods and because of these attributes, Alco Federal Credit Union fits right in!  Hello, I am Jim Knapp, VP of Commercial Lending.  

I have been around Commercial Lending for a little over twenty years in Allegany and surrounding Counties and one thing has stuck out to me: People bank where there are people just like themselves that they can relate to!  Alco Federal Credit Union is the epitome of that statement.  We have begun to offer Small Business loans here at Alco!  Mom & Pop businesses are the backbone of our communities and Alco is looking to further enhance our product lines to meet the needs of local Small Businesses.  If your business needs a piece of equipment, a vehicle, a new building, etc., we can help you out.  We will need at least 2 years tax of returns (no start-ups) and a Personal Financial Statement to get going!  We are geared toward small business but, can accommodate requests of up to $750,000.00.   Alco is your place to go for all your financing needs.  So, if you are in the market for a loan, whether it is personal or commercial/small business, stop in!  Small town, folks you know, people helping people, and lastly – “Investing in our Communities!”

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