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Wellsville man stages “protest” over school security in front of secondary school


Man in ski mask, “tactical” vest, with sign: It’s Too Late, I’m Here

By Andrew Harris

An unusual text message came over the “wire” today accompanying the picture above. When asking the natural question of “What the heck is going on?” the answer can best be summarized:

Today a Wellsville man, Nathaniel Dejac, stood in front of the Wellsville Secondary School dressed as a potential school shooter. Dejac was doing this to bring attention to school shootings in America:

“Today I stood outside the Wellsville high school in a costume of a “school shooter” and a sign saying “It’s Too Late Im Here” to prove the point that our schools are not safe. The security and laws in place currently is not adequate to respond to these types of situations.  What our group is pushing for is our government to create laws and systems that protect the children and students of America. Because nobody knows when and where these tragedies take place ,it can be anywhere at anytime and can be prevented very easily. Taxpayers money can be spent on foreign affairs, billions of dollars but we apparently can’t spend money on serious domestic issues lile this.”

The protestor reported that the police did not respond to the school to confront him but that “three squad cars showed up to my house and gave me a hard time,” said Dejac.

Wellsville Chief of Police Tim O’Grady confirmed the response and was mystified by the event:

“I can think of a hundred better ways to hold a protest about this near a school,” quipped O’Grady.

As to whether charges will be filed against Dejac, the Chief stated that the department had to touch base with the Allegany County District Attorney’s office first

We asked Dejac what group he was representing and what goals he had for this protest:


“Current Group Name is ITLIH or “It’s too late im here” facebook & Instagram page @itstoolateimhere

I Believe the immediate steps that could be taken to improve school security. Is Full-Time Armed Security Guards/Cops at all School entrances & Monitoring hallways. This cuts out the response time for these situations, Student Check-in & searchs such as X-Ray/Metal detectors when they enter. This is a reasonable start.”

Will the protestor be charged with a crime or violation for this protest ? Dejac wasn’t sure,

“If i am charged with anything from what i asked the officers it was “disorderly conduct” still waiting to hear back from them.”

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