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New Poll: Should the US ban Tik Tok?


Congress has brought Tik Tok CEO to testify as the debate rages

By Andrew Harris

150 million Americans have downloaded the software application owned by a Chinese firm called Tik Tok. I’m not one of them but most of the young ladies in my family are frequent users.

My family members love it. They have all sorts of fun with filters and music and entertainment, sharing back and forth with friends and family all over the country. It is described as “so much fun,” “addictive,” and “better than watching TV.”

Congress is interested in the “app” because of it is so widely popular, and because it is also owned by a Chinese firm. Because China is a communist nation, most consider Tik-Tok’s contention that it is a privately operated business, nonsense. Those who believe that the social media platform is merely a wing of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP,) also beleive it is an intelligence gathering technique.

Many American mental health experts have pointed to Tik-Tok as the posterchild for a mental health crisis amongst teens, especially young women. The majority of the 150 million users are young women and many teenagers report that the platform is rife with “online bullies.”

Is Tik-Tok just modern day television that happens to be owned by China or is it a tool created to exploit Americans love of social media and video messaging?

Should the government ban this software and set a dangerous precedent?

Or should the government regulate Tik-Tok? Some suggest a forced sale to US interests and others think that certain features should be modified to reduce “binge” usage.

What do you think?

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